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http://amzn.to/2eZn51S #WatercolorPencil Great colors goes on so smooth for a even beautiful coloring picture. Know more about “Quality Amazrock Watercolor Pencil Set – 36” that delivers stunning and brilliant colors for your drawing expression.
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Wonderful beautiful colors, They color so smooth and beautiful goes on so easy makes coloring even more funnier. A must buy for the artist in you or your kids. You get 36 beautiful colors so many choices to pick from each color is vibrant and goes on so smooth no clumping or light coloring its very vibrant I used it on my kids supernatural coloring book which is made of a thicker type paper and regular colored pencils don’t seem to show up very well on it. These worked wonderful and will be the only type of colored pencils I will ever be using from now on. I plan on buying multi of these for all the kids in my family.


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